Three Benefits of Bundling Your Insurance

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Auto, Home, Insurance

Bundling – a term we’ve all heard before, whether it be from your agent or from countless insurance commercials. But what is it exactly?

Otherwise known as a multi-policy discount, bundling refers to when you buy your home and auto insurance policy from the same provider. All of your policies are located in one place, making it more convenient and less complicated for you as a customer.

Wondering if bundling policies is the right option for you? Here are a few benefits of that can come of bundling your home and auto insurance.

  1. Bundling insurance policies often saves money.

Home and auto insurance companies often offer solid discounts for bundling multiple policies. In fact, some insurers might be able to provide a single deductible for both policies. This could potentially help save money in the long run should accidents occur to the assets you’re hoping to insure.

  1. Bundling saves time. 

With one carrier serving as a one-stop-shop for home and auto insurance, bundling can potentially save you time in addition to money. Bundling makes managing home and auto policies easier, reduces the paperwork, as well as the inconvenience of communicating with multiple insurance companies for multiple policies. You’ll have the convenience of asking questions and raising concerns all in one place.

  1. Bundling gives several options for coverage. 

Insurance companies offer more complex bundles to encourage the combining of multiple policies beyond home and auto insurance. Not only will it be easier to obtain more coverage from that carrier, it might be possible to insure your car, home, rental property, boat and RV all under one policy. Having all that coverage in one place can cut down on the paperwork and you may only have to pay a single deductible for all of it.

At Center Insurance Agency, we can help to find the best bang for your buck when it comes to bundling your policies.  We can present options that could save you money while maintaining or increasing coverage. Contact us today!